Winning Against Regain Annual Membership

$179.40 / year

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What is included with your Winning Against Regain Membership:

  • Access to my macronutrient calculator to calculate your calories, protein, fat and carbohydrate goals.
  • Access to my weight-loss progression calculator to calculate exactly how much you should be losing each week and the timeline to reach your goal weight, if adhering to the eating structure
  • Access to assessment and behavior modification worksheets
  • Comprehensive training videos from Tosha on how to maximize your success with this program
  • Mindset, food, lifestyle strategies and tips and tricks from Tosha
  • Private Facebook Community filled with your peers to help support you in your journey
  • Access to my Recipe E-book filled with my favorite dishes and desserts with links to add the recipes into the Lose It App
  • A 25% discount on the Back on Track 21-Day Challenge each month you choose to join

Note:  This membership does NOT include weekly coaching calls or weigh-ins.


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