The Winner’s Circle Accountability Program

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We’re going to get real about what’s keeping you from losing weight.  Because the simple truth is … you probably know what to do, you’re just not doing it.  I’ve been in that situation, and it sucks.  This road isn’t paved with deprivation, long hours in the gym, or any crazy ideas that you won’t be able to do long-term.

Included with your monthly membership:  

  • Master Habit and Nutrition Coach:  I am here to help you with all your nutritional needs – you will receive the same Bariatric Eating Structure I provide to my private coaching clients immediately after joining.  We combine this with accountability.
  • Weekly Accountability Weigh-Ins:  Accountability is key with many to keep the motivation and discipline to stay the weight-loss path.
  • Access to our Food Diary and Habit Journal App
  • Mindset Playbooks and Focus: Designed educate you & keep you on track with your goals.
  • Habit Coaching – Interactive habit coaching to ensure long-term weight-loss success.
  • Client only workshops and mini-challenges.
  • Resistance Training Routines – Access to effective resistance training  programs designed to minimize loose skin,  maintain muscle and give you that beautiful body.
  • Recipes and Snack Ideas:  You will have full access to my recipe library filled with meal and snack ideas all based on my Bariatric Eating Structure with the calories broke down by protein, fats and carbohydrates calculated for you.
  • Community and Support:  Upon enrollment you will receive an invite to join my private Facebook Community where you will receive additional support.
  • Enjoy 15% discount on supplements and merchandise.

And best of all message me anytime!  

All the essential resources you need to maintain a healthy success bariatric  lifestyle!



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