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First, start one-to-one with Tosha on a 8 week journey to a healthier and happier you. This road isn’t paved with deprivation, long hours in the gym, or any crazy ideas that you won’t be able to do long-term.

Tosha’s Healthy Living Blueprint  is comprised of practical, achievable and sustainable changes that lead to long-term success. These are the same exact steps she took to successfully lose 20 pounds of regain!

The truth is that you can look and feel your best without falling victim to some fad or short-lived diet. The Healthy Living Blueprint is designed to cut through all the noise out there, eliminate the hype and provide you with a simple yet tangible plan to finally lose weight holistically.

It is time to stop the inner critic. It’s time to gain the control you need to succeed! 
In Week 1, you will learn how to Assess yourself.  You can’t begin without knowing where you are starting.  Before you jump blindly into making changes, you have to properly assess your starting point.
In Week 2, you will Design Your  Plan.  It is time to design a program that works with your lifestyle.  One size does not fit all when it comes to healthy living.
In Week 3, Reframe Your Brain.  Change the mind, change the body.  This is a critical step for long-term success.
In Week 4, you will Improve Your Behaviors.  This is the week you learn to make you non-negotiable without feeling guilty for it!
In Week 5, you will Achieve Your Goals.  YAY!!! You stuck to it, finished what you started and nailed your goal!
In Week 6, we Celebrate Your Wins.  It is very important to acknowledge and celebrate your wins, big and small, all along the way to goal.
In Week 7, Maintain and Grow.  And this is where your new life begins.  Let the fun begin and do not let anyone convince you maintenance is too hard!

After your completion of Tosha’a Healthy Living Blueprint course, you will be added to her  private group called the Winners Circle, where you will continue to receive support and education along with weekly weigh-ins with Tosha and her team.


  • Interactive habit coaching to ensure long-term weight-loss success.
  • Weekly accountability weigh-ins.
  • Weekly challenges  to keep you engaged, focused, & empowered to reach your goals!
  • Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset, and Wellness Tips to educate you & keep you on track with your goals.
  • Weekly healthy and delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, & dessert recipes for you to make and enjoy the dieting process.
  • Client only workshops and mini-challenges.


  • When you join you also get access to my full catalog of healthy, delicious bariatric recipes with the calories broke down by protein, fats and carbohydrates calculated for you.
  • Access to bariatric meals plans.
  • Access to effective resistance training  programs designed to minimize loose skin,  maintain muscle and give you that beautiful body.
  • Access to my custom bariatric macronutrient calculator to calculate your protein, fats and carbohydrate goals or macros.
  • Enjoy 15% discount on supplements and merchandise.
  • And best of all….message me anytime.

All the essential resources you need to maintain a healthy success bariatric  lifestyle!

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