Julie M.

Julie has been part of my Private Coaching program since Feb 2016.  Her first goal was to reach 125 pounds.  As we started to work on her goal progression, she realized she loved group classes like Zumba and Bodypump, so I incorporated them into her training.  After reaching her goal weight of 125 pounds, we continued to focus on “fat loss” the closer she got to having plastic surgery.  Today, Julie is now focused on having that “fit” looking physique.   

In her words “Bari-Fit is my life line to health and happiness.  The guidance you have given me has taken me to a level of strength and confidence I never knew existed within me.”

Gastric Sleeve: 9/14/2014

High Weight: 222

Surgery Weight: 210

Lowest Weight 125

Current Weight 130

Michele S.

Michele has followed me since before the inception of the company.  After having the gastric sleeve surgery on March 27th, 2014, she had lost a total of 94 pounds weighing in at 158 pounds. After a series of events in her life, she faced a regain of 30 pounds weighing in at 194.  In December of 2016, she came into Private Coaching with me where she has complied to every aspect of her program.  She has now lost all of her regain by eating real food and getting active despite medical issues that limit her mobility.

Michele never gave up on herself, despite days she struggled with her long work hours as a nurse and family issues that demanded her time and attention.  Each day she focused on being 1% better than the day before and each day she got a little closer to taking off her re-gain until finally reaching her GOAL weight again.  {happy dance}

In her words “many aspects of my life  (not just nutrition and fitness) have been impacted in  positive way by learning the behaviors and habits that define the Bari-Fit values.”

Gastric Sleeve: 3/27/2014

High Weight: 252

Surgery Weight: 230

Lowest Weight 158

Current Weight 162 

Sharon P.

Sharon has been a Private Coaching client of mine since February of 2016.  Back then she weighed 196 pounds and was only a few months out of bariatric surgery.  She works 12 hour shifts and was so fatigued she could barely make it thought them.  Her goal starting the program was to how learn “how” to eat for the bariatric lifestyle, reaching her goal weight of 155-160 pounds and to be a successful WLS patient.  In her client profile she stated she could do no more that 2-3 cardio sessions because she was so tired, so I took cardio out of her plan and focused on other goal progressions.  Fast forward 2 years, she is now active in the gym enjoying her workouts and happy over having little to no loose skin and no need for plastic surgery!  We surpassed her goal weight of 155-160 and pushed it down to her maintenance weight of 130 by focusing on her nutrition consistency first and then adding in effective workouts.    

In her words ”  When I first contacted Tosha 2 1/2 years ago, she spent over 2 hour with me on the phone explaining how to get my protein and calories in.  Within 2 weeks, I felt like a new person.Her influence has given me the confidence to workout.  Never in my life did I think I would be 30 pounds UNDER my goal weight and in the best shape of my life!  #clientforlife 

Gastric Sleeve: 12/13/2015

High Weight: 289

Surgery Weight: 238

Lowest Weight 127

Current Weight 129.6