I’m Tosha Stafford

Master Bariatric Weight-Loss and Mindset Coach

I Help Weight-Loss Surgery Patients Win Against Regain!  

My Next Back on Track Challenge Starts September 4th, 2022!

We’re going to get real about what’s keeping you from losing weight after your bariatric surgery.

Because the simple truth is … you probably know what to do, you’re just not doing it. I’ve been in that situation, and it sucks.

With fad diets and hard-to-follow bariatric nutrition information, the bariatric life can be a confusing place. It’s no wonder that most bariatric patients experience regain or not reaching their goal weight. You’ve probably thought or tried “pouch resets”, tried going back to your post-op plan, getting back to the basics, tried multiple “diet” programs in the past OR frankly just been LOST on how we shoud be eating as a bariatic patient.

Instead of the all-or-nothing dieting approach, I use a sustainable, practice-based philosophy to build healthy habits into your life, one day at a time.

The result? You’ll lose the weight (or regain) you haven’t been able to shed. You will develop a better relationship with food. And you’ll say goodbye to dieting, food obsessions, and body anxieties forever!

I am giving you the EXACT tools I used to lose over 20 pounds of regain and keep it off!

The Bariatric Eating Structure

Whether you’re trying to create brand-new healthy habits or are trying to get back on track this e-book has you covered!

Private Facebook Group

Join my private  Facebook support group today to get that extra community and support you may need!

Winning at Macros Course

A self-paced, digital course designed to help you understand  bariatric nutrition and achieve your health goals.

How to Start Coaching With Tosha

Step 1 –

Join a Back on Track Challenge 

The Proven, Step-by-Step Action Plan to Get YOU Back on Track in Less Than 21-days with Real Food!

More Details
What is included in the challenge?
  • Daily Nutrition and Mindset Lessons
  • Daily Inspiration
  • Daily Intentions
  • Daily Accountability
  • Wall of Wins
  • Coaches Corner
  • Daily Gratitude
  • Weekly Mini Challenge’s
  • End of Challenge Recognition Ceremony
  • Access to the private mobile challenge app and Facebook group



 Step 2 –

Join the Winning Against Regain Membership

Expedite your weight-loss with on-going weekly support from Tosha!  

More Details

As your body changes, your needs change.  And so your nutrition and fitness plan must change too. There’s only one way to continue to get results, and that’s to tailor your diet specifically to your body, your goals and the results you want!

What is included with your Winning Against Regain Membership:

  • Access to my macronutrient calculator to calculate your calories, protein, fat and carbohydrate goals.
  • Access to my weight-loss progression calculator to calculate exactly how much you should be losing each week and the timeline to reach your goal weight, if adhering to the eating structure
  • Access to nutrition and mindset courses
  • Access to assessment and behavior modification worksheets
  • Comprehensive training videos from Tosha on how to maximize your success with this program
  • Mindset, food, lifestyle strategies and tips and tricks from Tosha
  • Private Facebook Community filled with your peers to help support you in your journey
  • Access to my Recipe E-book filled with my favorite dishes and desserts with links to add the recipes into the Lose It App
  • A 25% discount on the Back on Track 21-Day Challenge each month you choose to join

Note:  This membership does NOT include weekly coaching calls or weigh-ins.

    $17.00/per month

     Step 3 –


    Weigh to Win (if you need more accountability)

    Maximize your Custom Plan with the help of Tosha and support from other Winner’s!

    More Details

    As you progress through your weight-loss surgery journey your body changes, as well, as your dietary needs.  There’s only one way to continue to get results, and that’s to tailor your diet specifically to your body, your goals and the results you want while you continue to build healthy long-term habits!

    Work with me one-to-one on your specific body composition goals, nutritional needs and habits.

    Included with the Accountability and Coaching Membership:  

    • Master Habit and Nutrition Coach:  I am here to help you with all your nutritional need.  Coaching hours are Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm PST.  If you would like your nutrition logs reviewed.
    • Macronutrient Adjustments – as needed with compliance to the program
    • Weekly Accountability Weigh-Ins:  Accountability is key with many to keep the motivation and discipline to stay the weight-loss path.
    • Weekly Support Call for Members Only
    • Monthly Mindset Playbooks and Focus: Designed educate you & keep you on track with your goals.
    • Habit Coaching – Interactive habit coaching to ensure long-term weight-loss success.
    • Client only workshops and mini-challenges.
    • Community and Support:  Upon enrollment you will receive an invite to join my private Facebook Community where you will receive additional support.
    • 25% discount for Back on Track

    And best of all message me anytime!  

    All the essential resources you need to maintain a healthy success bariatric  lifestyle and troubleshoot the hurdles you may face. 

    $97.00/per month

     Step 4 –

    Graduate to Maintenance 

    If you’ve reach your goal weight with me, learn how to keep the weight off for life!   

    More Details

    What is included with Maintenance Coaching:

    • Advanced mindset, food, and lifestyle strategies to help you confidently and easily KEEP your weight off and never regain again
    • Maintenance coaching, tips, and tricks
    • Bonus Weekly Ask Me Anything Q&A with Tosha
    • Weekly weigh-ins for added accountability
    • 25% discount for Back on Track

    Note:  To stay in this program you must stay within 5 pounds of your red light weight.

    About Me

    After bariatric surgery in 2013, I felt lost during the weight-loss process.  There was so much conflicting information out there and following it got me nutritionally deprived.   I wish there was one bariatric place I could have went to for sound nutrition and fitness advice…but NOTHING like that existed.  Many can relate to feeling lost during their weight-loss journey; this is why I recognized the need for the right guidance and created Bari-Fit!  


    “Thank-you for being persistent and not giving on me.  You have me back mentally where I need to be for success and for that I am forever grateful.”

    -Michelle G.

    “I have tried all things to get back down since I regained & Tosha’s way works & I am not angry from food restrictions!  I lost -12.4 in my first 30 days in Private Coaching with her.”

    -Andrea H.

    “I am amazed how well the process works when you follow the steps and behavior changes you provide.  I am so thankful I crossed paths with you 3 years ago!”

    -Courtney F.

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